Animal Charities Struggling to Cope During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Some Animal charities are reaching the limit of their capacity as the restrictions confining people to home have meant adoptions of pets, particularly dogs and cats, have effectively stopped.

The preventive measures brought in by the Spanish authorities during the coronavirus outbreak have left shelters in an uncertain and complicated situation.

Donations, which are vital to help pay for the care of the animals, have all but dried up, but the shelters still have to continue feeding the animals.

To make things worse, the current situation has led to an increase in the number of pets abandoned by owners and so while there are hardly any adoptions, the number of animals entering shelters is rising.

The situation is further complicated by the fact that vets are now only providing emergency services, and are not neutering animals or giving vaccines or implanting chips, which are needed for the adoption process to go ahead.

Cat shelters have additional problems because the number of stray animals is high and they are now in the reproductive season.

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