Flights: The final remaining airlines flying from UK to Spain during the lockdown

THE number of flights operating from UK airports has plummeted amid the coronavirus lockdown. Yet, despite airport and border closures, several airlines continue to operate from UK airports – why?

Flights operating in and out of UK airports have plummeted drastically to some of the lowest figures in recent years amid the coronavirus crisis and subsequent lockdowns. As borders worldwide implement strict measures – including the banning of Britons from all but 11 countries worldwide – the number of UK airports still offering services has reduced dramatically.

Amid the stay at home measures, though, several flights do continue to take off each day.

Unlike their normal offering during what is usually a peak holiday season, instead, these journeys have a more vital role

Flights are now being offered to try and aid those stranded in the UK to return back to their home countries.

Furthermore, some commercial flights continue to operate into the UK to bring home Britons who have been abroad during the pandemic.

The government has also partnered with UK airlines including British Airways, easyJet, Virgin, and Titan to set up a repatriation effort and ensure those who want to fly home are able to do so.

However, TUI and Jet2 have both announced they will be grounding all commercial flights for the near future.

“The first priority is to keep as many commercial flights running as we can, and that’s based purely on the scale and the number of people who want to come home,” explained Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab in a government update.

Airlines including British Airways and Virgin Atlantic have also offered their services to the shipment of vital cargo.

The fact that some airports remain open could come as good news to a chunk of each hub’s workforce who may still be needed on-site to help things continue to run, however, the reduction in service likely has some fatalities too.

So which airports and airlines are still offering flights for repatriation and essential services?

From London Heathrow Airport

British Airways

Barcelona and Madrid.


Iberia continues to fly to a number of destinations including Aberdeen, Barcelona, Belfast, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Madrid, Manchester and Newcastle

From London Gatwick


Iberia continues to fly to Jersey, Seville and Tenerife.

Source: The Express

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