Shoppers in Spain are buying more beer, wine and chocolate under the coronavirus lockdown

Shoppers in Spain have been buying more alcohol since the Spanish government declared a state of alarm in a bid to slow the coronavirus pandemic. The sale of beer rose by 77.65% with respect to the previous week, while wine jumped by 62.7% and alcoholic drinks by 36.58%, according to a study in the consumer magazine Inforetail, which is supported by the Spanish Association of Distributors, Self-Service Stores and Supermarkets (Asedas).

While the demand for toilet paper has stabilized, other products have seen a spectacular rise in sales, such as olives (+93.83%), crisps (+87.13%), chocolate (+79.04%), ice cream (+76.19%) and anchovies (+60%). What’s more, according to figures from the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, the sale of flour has shot up by 196% with respect to the previous week.

It would appear that people have decided that the best way to cope with the lockdown conditions is to set up a bar and a cake shop at home!

Source: El Pais

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